This is the Way

Grogu.Finance and the BabyYoda Token are meant to be a fun way to get into the world of cryptocurrency for fans all around the world. It will initially be launched on the Binance Smart Chain, then expand to other compatible mediums such as Ethereum and Polygon. Grogu is built on a community-controlled multi-signature token model so you never have to worry about being stolen from again.

The main features are outlined below, if you want further detail, this project is based on ADMIRE Content Coin’s “Token 2.0” security model, so feel free to read their whitepaper.

  • Unruggable – No one person can control the functions of the token. The Admire ecosystem is the first-of-its-kind multi-signature community-controlled token, meaning all key developer functions can be locked and require community approval.
  • No Slow Rugs – the developer keys have two layers of encrypted distribution with clear instructions on when to reveal, meaning no one person holds the key, but instead, 3 different people.
  • Yield Aggregator – BabyYoda is “mined” by providing liquidity for large-cap coins.
  • Burn rate – zero. Instead a programmable charity rate.
  • Charity Token – initially 0%, but can be voted on to adjust.
  • Within the first six transactions we will: “pre mine” enough tokens for the airdrops, renounced ownership, enabled the “mint wrappers” protection, blacklisted the operator’s account from being able to mint, enabled “whitelisted contract wrapper” protection to prevent all flash loans/non-approved contracts and transferred multi-sig control to a community wallet.
  • The voting community, who elects a person to control the multi-signature controls, has no incentive to allow anyone to “rug” the project — they’d lose all their assets. With this assumption in mind, there is no benefit to them allowing the project to be defrauded — hence it is now locked and “UNRUGGABLE”.

Nomics of Token

  • Fair launch/zero issuance
  • Initial emission to airdrop participants only, then to supply tokens for the presale
  • Pre-sale of 2,500,000 tokens @ $0.025 each.
  • 100% of the presale will provide permanently locked liquidity
  •         *********^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*********
  • CoinMarketCap airdrop of 1,000,000
  • Airdrop to pre-sale investors of 100,000
  • Marketers will be rewarded with 700,000 tokens over three years. Each allotment locked for one year.
  • Content/platform moderator allocation 700,000
  • Charity Fund: Locked in a multi-sig wallet, one key to the dev team, one to the community: 3,300,000
  • IDO (Initial DEX Offering) – 10,000,000
  • Treasury Wallet to fund future development 6,200,000


  • The pre-sale will permanently lock $125,000 in Grogu/BNB and Grogu/BUSD.
  • A successful IDO will raise $250,000, less fees. If it’s Bounce.Finance Certified, net would be $245,500.
  • Development – Unity NFT Game $40,000; HTML5 compiled game $5000; LAMP NFT Plugin/Integration Development: $10,000; Solidity Development Debt for launch: $10,000: Website UX/UI, server, registrations, fees debt: $8000; Marketing Launch Debt: $12000; OpenZeppelin Audit Debt: Unknown, but likely expensive
  • Marketing, 15% or  – $36757
  • Charity — 7% or $17,200
  • Treasury for expenses -$106,100 minus OpenZeppelin audit fees
    • Signed NFTs
    • Merchandise
    • Dev: Cross-Chain Yield Aggregation
    • Liquidity Pool Faucet (tokens minted, users match with BNB/BUSD directly to timelocked LP provision)


  • Establish a fun and long-term viable business merging crypto with the fanverse.
  • Prove that crypto projects can have integrity.
  • Provide Disney+ to children in need worldwide. While it may seem shallow, learning English is a huge advantage for children in the developing world. Might as well make it fun.
  • Integrate NFT ownership with gaming platforms.
  • Grants for fanverse development (because Disney has no further plans for Baby Yoda at this time).
    • Graphic Novels
    • Animated video shorts
    • Everything Fennec Shand (a condition of the team programmer/nerd)
    • Fan competitions
    • Commission fan fiction
    • Guilt faucet payments for torrenters: 100% goes to Disney+ charity grants
  • Commission artwork from leading series participants.
  • Establish a marketplace to easily trade and sell.